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BiG RED aims to be the premier outlet for the child day care and K-12 school market segment for all of its food service requirements. We have a suite of offerings that run the spectrum from menu plans and nutritional consulting, to providing everything needed to cook a meal and clean up your kitchen. Whether you are a food service provider or an on-site school kitchen, BiG RED can facilitate everything you need to fulfill your school menu ideas production.

BiG RED Distribution:

Fueling Futures with Every Bite. Where nutrition meets innovation.

At BiG RED, we believe in more than just food. We’re committed to providing menu ideas that are both delicious and nutritious, setting the foundation for a brighter tomorrow.

A Team as Diverse as Our Menu

Unity in diversity, strength in unity.

At Big Red, we celebrate diversity. Our team, a reflection of the vibrant communities we serve, brings a wealth of experience, innovation, and passion to the table.

Always Ahead, Always Adapting

Evolving with the culinary landscape.

The world of food is ever-evolving, and so are we. Keeping pace with the latest trends and tastes, we continuously innovate, ensuring our partners get the best of what’s current and coveted.

Join Us in Our Culinary Quest

Where every meal tells a story.

With Big Red, every meal is a journey, a story of dedication, passion, and excellence. Be a part of our mission as we redefine dining for educational institutions.

Madelyn McNamara serves as President of BiG RED Food Distribution LLC. Ms. McNamara is a proven Sales and Operations leader with more than 35 years of experience leading various enterprises in the food service industry. Her expertise includes bulk feeding programs, restaurant and concession management, school nutrition programs and food delivery. Most recently she has served as Marketing Manager for Open Kitchens, Inc., contributing significantly to its growth in becoming the largest private food service provider in Illinois.

BiG RED was born from her realization that the K-12 market niche was lacking a specialized distribution organization to serve the unique requirements of that segment. “ The larger food distributors tend to shy away from school feeding programs given the nutritional compliance and customized packaging that is mandated. I see BiG RED serving a high purpose while seizing a neglected business market.”

Madelyn McNamara

Ms. McNamara is passionate about providing the nutritional needs of the elderly, preschool and school children of all ages. She is a Certified Food Service Manager and continues to serve her community as a Board Member for the Chicago Fund Meals on Wheels Program. She graduated with a BBA in Marketing and Home Economics from the University of Dayton. Madelyn has lived in the Chicagoland area her entire life, and as a mother of 3 children she understands the importance of nutrition to the wellness of our youth.



BiG RED Chef makes delicious home cooking achievable. We deliver everything you need to make your All time routine easier.